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Looking to expand or upgrade your current operations? Consider a custom hoop barn to fit your needs. Our livestock barns offer a turnkey design ready for anything from fat cattle to cow/calf operations. Complete with a concrete grovers alley for easy cleaning and working of cattle. No need to worry about the weather finding its way into your building. Our livestock barns are constructed with a 4 ft awning to protect the feed bunks and a roll up back curtain. The roll up back curtain can be adjusted for weather and air circulation. A ridge vent is also added to create optimal airflow throughout the barn. Wanting to know a little more about us?

Midwest Hoop Confinement is a family owned dealership for Sioux Steel Pro-Tec hoop buildings. We have been working alongside farmers for 10+ years erecting hoop buildings. Over the course of this time we have worked with different style hoop buildings and found the Sioux Steel galvanized building to be a very high quality product. The areas we service include but are not limited to: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North and South Dakota. 

We know that every project is different, that is why our barns are custom built for your operation. Keeping in touch with past customers has allowed us to identify and correct any problems they may have encountered. We are always looking for ways to improve our buildings to better suit our clients. 

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Sentry Series Buildings



Width: 40' up to 180' (10' increments)

Spacing: 10' 12' or 16'

Wind Load: 90mph

Snow Load: The standard building series is designed for 30 40 or 50 psf ground snow

Engineered to meet current IBC standards

The Sentry Series is the most heavy duty barn we offer. It is constructed of galvanized steel rafters and attached to an array of leg options. This style building can also be customized for any needs ranging from storage to livestock production. 

Our livestock building is also constructed with an 4' awning to protect feed bunks and a ridge vent for optimal air circulation. 


  • Livestock Production

  • Machinery Storage

  • Grain Storage

  • Hay Storage

  • Salt and Sand Storage

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Single Tube Buildings


Single tube hoops are an economical way of providing shelter or storage for any need you may encounter. Our single tube packages are able to be constructed with no bolts or special tooling. 


Width: 24' up to 36' (6' increments)

Spacing: 24' wide is (5') or 30', 36' wide are (6')

  • Livestock Production

  • Commodity Storage

  • Garage

  • Boat and RV Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hoop Barn?

Hoop Buildings are typically designed to house swine, livestock and storage. They are usually constructed from steel arches that connect to sidewalls made of wood, concrete or steel. Attaching the arches to the sidewall allows the wind and roof load to be transferred to the ground. This allows you to avoid intrusive poles in the middle of the building. For more info please read this article at: http://armstrongsteel.com/network/steel-building-insider/metal-buildings-fabric-buildings/#.XsfaMNVKE1I

Are Hoop Barns Guaranteed?

Our hoop barns are backed by warranty which is specified in the owners building manual. 

  • Single Tube Warranty- 3 years on frame

  • Sentry Series Warranty- 7 or 15 year prorated warranty, dependant on use of building (storage, livestock etc)

  • Covers have a 15 year prorated warranty 

  • 3 year prorated warranty on accessories such as: fabric endwalls, roll up curtains, doors etc. 

Cost Of A Hoop Barn?

Cost of hoop barns can very greatly depending on its applications.  A turn key set up used for livestock can be estimated at $400-500 per head. A barn used for hay or grain storage can be estimated at $5-6 per running ft for a 40' wide building. For more information please see:


Benefits Of A Hoop Barn?
  • Saves you money by protecting your investments

  • Engineered for superior strength and stability

  • Superior ventilation and excellent lighting

  • Certifiable and insurable

  • Provide outstanding height, width and sidewall clearance for optimum capacity and accessibility

  • Length can be extended at any time

Why Are Hoop Barns Better For Livestock?

Hoop barns for livestock have many benefits not only for the cattle but for the farmer. 

  • Cattle can show up to a 3-4% improved ADG compared to cattle in outside lots

  • Feed efficiency can increase as much as 14% as in a hoop barn you can feed the cattle what they need not what they want

  • Less stress from the elements such as heat and snow

  • Control feed rations and change as needed

  • Not more fighting the mud to feed or calve out

  • Manure is contained and can be used for fertilize

For More info please see the following links

How Big Should My Barn Be?

When filling a barn with livestock there are a few rules of thumb one can use:

  • Cow/Calf barn- 80 to 100 sq ft per pair

  • Fat Cattle- 40 sq ft per animal

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